I was planning on picking up some more “Mealworm Frenzy” at Tractor Supply, but something else caught my eye when I walked  in. Then my imagination caught me, and I came up with a new idea. I am almost done with the planned farmhouse renovations, and I am anxious to step outside and start working on the grounds. So, when I saw the ducks, I wondered where I could put them, and wished that I already had a pond. That’s when the idea hit me.

I built a pond at my first house, just something small and decorative, and I had already been toying with that idea. So, I decided to do it again, and place it right out front. I’ll do the same as last time too, maybe a little deeper, but with  the waterfall and filtering. I can’t wait for a Spring thaw and to get started. Seeing these guys walking around and swimming in the pond will be great.

Here are the new additions. I may pick up more, but here are two Pekin ducks, one Khaki, and 6 brown leghorns.