locally grown and homemade products

Buy locally grown and homemade products on the farm. The farm market is on the farm and open most days from 9:00 AM to Sundown, or more. Not all products are available throughout the year, so please refer to the list below. For more information or availability of products follow Homestead 1870 on Facebook or Instagram, text at 540-751-8088, or email at [email protected]

Homestead products are grown and produced on the farm or sourced from other local farmers. Homestead products are focused on making simple honest products the way they were meant to be.  The list will change. Note, these are homemade products and are not available for sale over the Internet. Goods must be picked up from the farm, or at a farmers market. You can find us at the Purcellville Farmers Market on certain Saturdays. 

Are you a local farmer, or producing anything in Loudoun County and interested in selling some products at the market? …please get in touch. 


All prices include the Virginia 2.5% sales tax

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When I first thought about the food I would sell in the market, I imagined selling something special, different, food with a twist on the

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canceled egg with crack

candling eggs

Before I put the eggs out to sell, I candle them. Candling them is essentially grading them. There are a few things to look for

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farm market

the market is open

Although the market needs finishing touches, the market is open for business. The market current features the pasture raised eggs from the hens that are

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the market’s beginning

This is the first of a planned series of stories for the building of a market at the Homestead. The expected completion for the first phase

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