If you are looking for a farm event venue to host your event, wedding, reception or party in Loudoun county, consider hosting your event on a farm. Homestead 1870 is a working and growing farm located in Western Loudoun near many attractions, wineries, and breweries. Homestead 1870 offers access to beautiful wine country and a real farm experience. The B&B is available as well, so you can host your event, and stay at the property. Hosting on the farm is the most economically friendly way to host your event, and give you the time and space to set up your perfect event.

Below are a few reasons to consider hosting an event at Homestead 1870 farm event venue

  • Affordable for Loudoun wine country
  • Conveniently located from any direction, MD, VA or WV
  • We are not as restrictive, you choose your caterer and planner
  • No hidden costs, just a straight upfront fee so you know what your budget is
  • The guest house is available if a few guests need to stay the night
  • Rent your space for the entire weekend, Friday – Sunday so you have time to work at your pace
  • Great if you are looking for a more rustic, rural, real farm experience
  • The beautiful rustic and natural scenery, and historic value of the area at your finger tips

Call for more information and to discuss your plans. 540-751-8088