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guide house grill

My first visit to guide house was back before they had their liquor license. I am glad they finally got it, because they serve mixed drinks made with liquor from Bloomery Plantation. Bloomery is a local distillery that makes liquors, including my personal favorite Limoncello. The drinks change with the season as do the meals.

Guidehouse Grill is a nice causal laid back experience which boasts having some Appalachian flavor.  The Guidehouse has some good staples, but keep an eye out for the specials, the specials are where the real magic happens! I highly suggest checking their Facebook page to see what they are cooking up next.

For dessert they have cupcakes which are surprisingly delicious. Even if you are not a cupcake fan, they are worth a shot. The cupcakes are small so they are not too much to eat, but also they are large enough to satisfy and round off a good meal with a nice sweet.

check out the guide house grill website for more information

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