petite loulou pastry counter

this is a view of the fresh made pastries at the counter in petite loulou

if you are a crepe fan, or just looking for a nice cafe to grab a fresh pastry and coffee to relax, Petite Loulou Creperie and Bar a Vins in the heart of the town of Purcellville is a great place to visit. On my first visit I had the ham, goat cheese, and fig crepe, which is one of my favorite combinations, I couldn’t help myself when I saw it in a crepe variety, but there are traditional crepes as well as other great eats, get more information on this spot on their facebook page







petite loulou crêperie

this is an inside view of petite loulou creperie

petite loulou seating

outside seating area at petite loulou